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Annual Reports


2016 Annual Report

In 2016 the Comet-ME team completed its largest installation project to date, expanding geographically from the south Hebron hills to cover much of Area C of the southern West Bank and as far as the Bethlehem and Ramallah areas. We installed renewable energy systems in 20 communities, providing a total of 348 solar panels, 57 water systems, and 1,670 meters of water pipeline to unserved communities. We provided 111 families and 850 individuals with electricity, 56 families and 350 individuals with clean water services, and we connected 3 schools, 2 clinics, 1 mosque, 1 kindergarten, and 5 small businesses.
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2015 Annual Report

Read about our largest energy and water installations to date, about the implementation of our water-quality monitoring scheme, developments in off-grid solar pumping, a stop-motion animation workshop, and more.
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2014 Annual Report

Read about the launch of our large-scale water program, the work of our Regional Sustainability Team, the Supreme Court case for Comet-ME’s renewable energy installation in Maghayer al-Abeed, Comet-ME’s 5th birthday party, and more.
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2013 Annual Report

Discover Comet-ME’s new developments in the field of off-grid water solutions and learn about what we are doing to protect renewable energy installations from demolitions and to push for new clean energy installations in communities still not connected to power.
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2012 Annual Report

Read about the establishment of the new Comet-ME Center for appropriate technologies in the south Hebron hills, our new installations inside 918 firing zone, and the legal struggle we are leading against Israel’s intention to demolish our systems.
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2011 Annual Report

Read about our six new installations, learn about our strategy and goals, and get highlights from an extensive social study on the impact of electrification on community life.
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2010 Annual Report

Read about our twelve new installations and learn about our methodological principles such as open source, local sourcing, and relationship building.

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