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Demolition, Liberation: May 5, Al-Markez

In her photo-blog “Touching Photographs”, Margaret Olin documents her visit to the south Hebron hills on May 5, 2018, on what she calls “one of the most depressing days I have spent in south Mount Hebron” – following a massive demolition spree by the Israeli military in the so-called 918 Firing Zone on May 2, 2018, in which 10 residential structures, 3 animal pens, and 3 water systems were demolished, and 4 energy systems were confiscated. Daily tasks “become much harder to do because of the lack of clean water and electricity. A refrigerator that no longer has electricity needs to be emptied and cleaned, most of the food discarded and the containers washed. And scarce water that can now only be drawn and carried from a cistern, makes washing dishes a challenge.”